Sparkling AFS from Kidoizumi Shuzo

By far my favourite sparkling sake ever tried and I've had a few. The sparkling AFS from Kidoizumi Shuzo in Chiba prefecture is a complex, intense sake with a perfect interplay of acidity and sweetness. A standard sake fermentation starter is made with 3 additions of steamed rice, koji-rice and water over 4 days however... Continue Reading →


I am talking about rice polishing ratio, that percentage you find on the back of a sake bottle aside from the alcohol content and bottle volume number you see. One of the most famous sake breweries in Yamaguchi prefecture turned around a faltering company by switching to Junmai-only and brewing sake with a never-achieved 23%... Continue Reading →

3U from Tamagawa, Kinoshita Shuzo

The Tamagawa 3U limited edition series 純米吟醸 無濾過生原酒  from Kinoshita Shuzo in Kyoto prefecture is a seasonal item sold between December and April. While a large majority of breweries are aiming for the fruity/floral types, Tamagawa is going for flavour and created an umami bomb. The 3U stands for unpasteurised, unfiltered (charcoal) and undiluted and the traditional... Continue Reading →

Niida Shizenshu from Niida Honke

​ The minimalist label of the Niida Shizenshu (にいだしぜんしゅ) is a hint of what to expect. Niida Honke (仁井田本家) in Fukushima prefecture strive to reduce their environmental impact in a number of ways such as reducing packaging and since 2011 they have been using sustainable organic rice which they harvest themselves along with a traditional... Continue Reading →

Terada Honke

Terada Honke located in Chiba prefecture, have been brewing sake since 1673 and now 24th generation, Masaru Terada, Kuramoto (owner), is leading the brewery in a new direction. They are purveyors of natural fermentation, leveraging the power of a micro organic approach to be in harmony with nature. Natural fermentation (shizenshikomi or 自然仕込み) is quite rare... Continue Reading →

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