Katori 80 and Katori 90 from Terada Honke in Chiba prefecture; defying the highly polished scene.

Katori is a nod to the nearby agricultural city and the 80 and 90 are an indication of its spec; the rice used is only polished to 80% and 90% remaining respectively. It’s Masaru Terada’s mission to brew most of their sake like the market was doing 100 years ago with minimal intervention. For those of you tired of the fruity/floral types and prefer a rice-driven, chewy, savoury sake, this is the one for you. It’s also 100% organic using Katori-Hikari rice, a table rice variety and also unpasteurised, undiluted with no charcoal filtering.

Terada Honke, located in Chiba prefecture, have been brewing sake since 1673 and Masaru Terada has been leading the brewery in a new direction since acting as Kuramoto or owner, now the 24th generation. They are purveyors of natural brewing methods using organic rice when they can, no additives or lactic acid in their whole range and spontaneous fermentation which is very rare in the sake world. They also use the labour intensive, traditional starter method Kimoto and the pre-modern method Bodaimoto or Mizu-moto which uses sour water for the starter.

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