Get to Know Sparkling Sake


Sparkling sake is a relatively new category that is certainly growing and shows no signs of slowing down. Every time I start with a sparkling sake at my tastings, people are surprised as I was when I first got into sake, and simply didn’t know it existed! Just like it’s wine counterpart, it’s a great way of starting a session or for celebratory occasions with its fresh and lively characteristics.

The geeky part; ethanol fermentation induced by naturally occurring or cultured yeasts converts sugars to alcohol and also produces heat and carbon dioxide hence a sparkling alcoholic beverage. With the right technique, the brewer can choose to keep the effervescence as they also can with wine.

So why not opt for a sparkling sake next time instead of the default sparkling wine option.

By my favourite sparkling sake is the AFS sparkling from Kidoizumi brewery located in Chiba prefecture, a short train ride from Tokyo. An alternative brewing method creates a concentrated, intense sake that is medium-sweet with lightning acidity and in-bottle secondary fermentation to create the sparkles.


Producer – Kidoizumi Shuzo
Region – Chiba prefecture

Junmai (rice, water, yeast, koji)
Yamahai  – Natural yeast starter
Muroka – No charcoal fining
Nama – Unpasteurised

Rice Polishing Ratio – 65%
Rice Type – Fusa no Mai
Yeast Strain – Kidoizumi #7

Alcohol – 13.5%
Style – Intense, complex, medium-sweet, notes of apple, pear, lychee and yoghurt
Serve – Chilled


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