9 Sake Terms Everyone Should Know

The terminology for sake can be overwhelming, confusing and intimidating even more so than wine as there's the added Japanese language barrier. Fret not, for those of us lost in translation, the learning curve is steep. Here are 9 sake terms to navigate the menu like a pro and impress! Karakuchi is the word for dry,... Continue Reading →

Pairing Sake with Spicy Food

This year's summer in Tokyo is an absolute scorcher with record temperatures as high as 41 degrees, and even the sighting of man-umbrellas! It may seem counterproductive but when it gets this hot, I often turn to spicy food as it seems to keep me cooler but what kind of sake is best paired with... Continue Reading →

The Junmai Sake Glass by Riedel

Glassware: it's more than just aesthetics. Choosing the right vessel to drink your sake can either enhance or leave you missing out on what the producer intended you to experience, just as with wine. When it comes to sake, the traditional ceramic cup, the o-choko, is the default choice but can be somewhat limiting for... Continue Reading →

What is Sake?

You’ll often hear the word ‘rice wine’ being thrown around since it has a similar alcohol level to wine but sake is in fact made in breweries not wineries and closer to beer in its production process. Also in Japanese, the word sake is actually a generic term meaning 'alcohol' and you're better off sticking to... Continue Reading →

Rice Polishing: How Low Can You Go?

Three years ago, I walked into a bar and drank a sake that changed everything for me. Until then I'd understood that there was a direct correlation between how much a brewer polishes his rice and how good the resulting sake will be. Premium sake? That's the stuff made from rice that's had 50% polished... Continue Reading →

Get to Know Sparkling Sake

Sparkling sake is a relatively new category that is certainly growing and shows no signs of slowing down. Every time I start with a sparkling sake at my tastings, people are surprised as I was when I first got into sake, and simply didn’t know it existed! Just like it’s wine counterpart, it’s a great... Continue Reading →

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