Alpha Type 5 Kijoshu by Kaze no Mori with their Alpha experimental range from Yucho Shuzo (brewery) located in Nara prefecture. 

Kijoshu is a sweet style sake where some water additions to the main mash are replaced with sake, in this case 9 year old Koshu or aged sake. It’s recommended as a digestif instead of that limoncello you always opt for and was also created to match premium noble-rot wines such as Sauternes and Tokaji.

Of course it’s going to pair well with desserts such as apple pie, creme brûlée and cheesecake but since it’s medium-sweet, I’d be adventurous to pair it with pork and seafood dishes; Chinese and Thai food springs to mind to temper that spiceness.

Wine talk; Noble rot is a beneficial mold that grows on ripe grapes and causes them to dehydrate but keep the same sugar levels allowing sweeter and more complex wines to be produced. The attached thermometer is obviously a hint that this works wonders warm.
Kaze no Mori Alpha Type 5 Kijoshu (Akitsu-ho rice type) Fermented for 32 days.
風の森 貴醸酒 無濾過 無加水 秋鹿穗 火入酒
Polishing – 65%
Muroka – No charcoal fining
Mukasui – Undiluted
Rice Type – 100% Akitsu-ho rice variety (Akita)
Alcohol – 15%

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