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Christian is an award-waiting sake sommelier, educator and advocate. He’s a native English speaker, fluent in Italian and Japanese, and a long-term resident of Tokyo since 2004.

Having grown up in his Italian family restaurant business, food and wine ran through his veins from an early age. After developing a passion for sake while working at a top hotel in Tokyo, he went on to gain the advanced level award in sake and the sake educator certification from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

In January 2019, he had the rare opportunity to work at Akishika Shuzo brewery in Osaka, the artisanal natural sake producer. Living with a team of 5 brewers, Christian experienced the lifestyle as well as the production from rice polishing to fermentation starters, to pressing and bottling.

In between hosting tastings, dinners and workshops, he visits sake breweries across Japan to document and share the stories of this unique beverage. You can follow him here @signorsake and here @signorsake

Contact him here for sake tastings, events and collaborations.

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